The heart of the chemical business is documentation. In a highly regulated industry, easy access to documentation carries a high degree of importance. The process of validating product quality and performance is a key job for any purchasing manager.

AerChem Product Support department makes every effort to supply the information you require, including but not limited to: product  specifications, material safety data, certificate of analysis, Kosher certification,  ISO, GMP, TUV, DMF types 1 and 2, FDA regulations and guidelines, DEA licensing guidelines.

AerChem also keeps a comprehensive sampling selection of all current stock. We have global sourcing relationships that have been proven quality and performance time and again. If you need it, we know where to get it.

We also offer extensive support for your products me. From proper handling to national and international requirements, AerChem is expert in sampling and documentation.

If you require samples or documentation give us a call, or send an email. We will turn your request as soon as we can.